Monday, June 3, 2013

The Fifty-2 Weeks of 2013-An Object From My Childhood - Visual/Writing

Theme for this Week of The Fifty-2 Weeks of 2013 : An Object From My Childhood - Visual/Writing

Anna and I used to play this game along with the four girls in the neighbourhood. All the five of us girls used to arrange all the kitchen items from our kitchen sets, bring some peanuts, fried channadal, jaggery, coconut pieces etc, and used to arrange them neatly. My bro will come and order one plate of everything, eats them and walks away paying us the bill( a white paper with the Rs.50 written on it). We happily used to clean all the dishes and clean the place. Whenever we ordered a change of demand in the roles, there used to be change among the five of us only and he was always the customer. We were never clever engough to realise that we had to do all the work and he just had to come and eat. :( :(

I used to be foolishly happy that my bro always allowed me to play the role of a doctor. He used to agree to become a patient( as though he has done a big sacrifice for his lil sis) and used to lie down. And i used to get him water, the TV remote and all other things he wished for as a patient needs BED REST. :( :(

And there were many other games, STAR(where you need to get all four chits of the same name), RAMA & SITA ( where you had to find who is SITA in the game), HIDE n SEEK( a game that never ended in less than four hours), and many others that we used to play with all the kids in the neighbourhood.

I am not sure how many kids these days play such games, everyone is busy with their mom's mobile or dad's laptop. A ten year kid has a fb account and spends half of the time playing online games!!!