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 With the reserved channadal stuffing from Poornalu, i made Bobbatlu. This is a very easy recipe that gets done in less than half an hour, Make the dough, stuff with the filling and cook on a pan, serve hot with ghee, tastes yum. A rich, filling yet very easy recipe for Ugadi or apt for any festive occasions.

Maida- 1 cup
salt- a pinch
turmeric powder- a pinch
baking soda- a very little pinch
oil- 2 tsp
milk covers/ banana leaves- for making the poli
warm water- for kneading the dough
Ghee- for shaping and frying the polis
Kneading the dough: Mix maida,salt,baking soda, turmeric powder, a tsp of oil, mix well, add the warm water and knead the dough very smooth like a chapathi dough. Now add another tsp of oil and knead well and let the rest for atleast half an hour. The more resting time the better polis you can make.

Meanwhile, shape the poornam into small balls and keep them ready.
Make equal sized balls of the maida dough too.

Now grease well a banana leaf or any other polythene cover(milk covers etc).

                     Take a maida ball and spread on the leaf with your hands using ghee for spreading.

Now keep the sweet filling at the centre and close from the four sides like you do for a paratha.

With the help of ghee, flatten the dough into a cirlce as thin as possible.

Heat a pan, drizzle half a spoon of ghee and flip the poli on to the hot pan by inverting the leaf over the pan.

Apply ghee to the polis and cook on medium flame.

Once cooked, flip to the other side and cook on a medium flame carefully till brown spot appears.

Delicious polis are ready. Can be eaten as such or relish them with homemade ghee.



The maida dough should be very flexible. Adding oil while kneading the dough definitely helps.
The polis should be flattened very thin, other wise the outer cover becomes hard when cooked.
Adding turmeric powder gives a very natural golden colour.
Maida can be replaced with wheat flour for a healthier version.

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