Monday, August 29, 2011

chequered cake

inspired from mrs sunita bhuyan's blog sunita's world-life and food

chequered cake goes to new u event by zesty palette.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

disastrous monday following a dull sunday!!!!

I had my distance education classes yesterday for which i had to start at 6 30 am in the morning....
had my lunch at 3 pm which made my head ache  like anything ....
i had plans for the day to make a chequered cake (for a long time it has been at the top on my to do list but skipped it many a times because it required preparation of two cakes and layering -forgot to tell you if you ever had to talk about the most lazy person u ever know u can count on me without a second thought )

but somehow the beauty of the chequered cake overpowered my laziness and off i went to the kitchen in the morning and my dearest rice cooker gave up on me.......... my chocolate cake was such a disaster that i could'nt digest the fact that a rice cooker can be so stupid enough to burn my cake

i had to scrape down pieces from the bowl and the cleaning had my full 5 min of time and so much hardwork;;; had my breakfast packed and now sitting in my office with very fresh memories of the spoilt cake

very bad start for a week isn't it??

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Finally someone landed on my blog

the reader of the blog,(if anyone ever happens to be)

I dont have an idea how you landed on this blog and started reading this.

I admire all the blogs that i browse for recipes and am equally surprised at how they manage blogging, their personal lives, kids and some even their professional work so efficiently. I had zero knowledge about blogs and blogging and i thought you should be a blogger to comment on the posts in other blogs (thanks to my g.k. for that)

                        Anyways now that i have started a blog and you are here somehow please do drop a comment

( Multiple comments are also accepted :P:P)